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                        ==== **Welcome to the MachineWhisperer Knowledge Base!** ====
  • You have discovered the ever growing, changing, and evolving collection of useful mechanical or machine related knowledge including design and fabrication, maintenance, diagnosis/ troubleshooting, repair, upgrades and don't forget about hacks and mods (the fun stuff!).
  • Diesel or gas engines, cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV's, boats, chainsaws, garden or lawn equipment, landscaping tools, farm or ranch equipment and all involved subsystems including electrical/ electronics, ignition systems, hydraulics, transmissions, clutches and gearboxes, brakes, steering, gauges, controls, carburetors and fuel injection systems, turbo and super-chargers…
  • You get it I think, mechanical systems of all types.
  • Anyone can peruse the Knowledge Base here, but if you want to edit or post, you will need to register and join so we can keep track of who changed what.
  • You, as a member of this Knowledge Base, are a crucial part of the long term vision of MachineWhisperer. Everyone is a Whisperer of one form or another. Your knowledge is welcomed, your experiences treasured, your advice appreciated. So please, join our open-source community of information lovers seeking to make machines better and last longer while reducing negative impacts on the economy, environment and social structure.
  • Also, the entire MachineWhisperer group of tools is available for different aspects of information sharing, so come join us!
  1. :a hub where all of the tools are brought together where updated and changes are announced
  2. :the location of new articles on the subjects of science, physics, chemistry, and how they relate to mechanical systems.
  3. :blog articles are copied over here for further discussion and longer term, easier archiving.
  4. : ←—– YOU ARE HERE
  • Other fellow Whisperers are always welcome to contribute, correct and reaffirm thoughts laid down here.
  • Bring your wisdom and expertise to share or your curiosity and interest to learn- either way, everyone wins.
  • So, with the intention of making the world a smaller place through knowledge sharing, LETS GET ON WITH THIS! =)
  • In the beginning there was nothing but Physics.
  • With Physics could come concepts like mass and gravity, heat and temperature, energy- both potential and kinetic.
  • Physics made possible the idea of light, radiation that warms or kills, and thus things like green plants and radio communication.
  • From physics come all other inventions, machines, and automatons that have enriched human life so much.
  • It is physics that allowed the creation of machines that do the hard work of life for us so we can spend our time doing what we enjoy instead of barely surviving like peasants.

So into Physics we dive to make all the rest fit together. Ready? Set? GO!

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