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Still in the concept and design phases: *Newsletters to those who wanna keep up on the new stuff list* *Interviews with other whisperers/ mechanics/ builders* *Media Gallery of Pics, Videos and Audios* ---Media such as images and movies help ‘illustrate’ a point and make a written subject clearer--- ---In written articles or posts, these visual aids can add trememendously to the experience--- *Audio versions of articles will allow entirely new audiences to gain from this useful info as well*
The knowledge base still needs: Articles, written from the basics of physics outward... More contributors, editors, and ‘whisperers’ Folks for whom the subject matter sounds interesting This website/ Hub still needs: Recommendation- need to collect links and get affiliate status with companies who make good stuff. Whats New- need an easy way to keep this updated every friday with the newst article.
This site is in constant state of growth, adaptation, and evolution. Check back often to stay on top of the additions  The following projects are functional, but need content addition.  Yeah, yeah, its getting done.  A bit at a time.  :-) Slowly, they will become what we need them to be...
 Today is highlighted in orange, new article        days are marked with blue ‘New!’
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Soon, will be your source for the highest quality fluids, lubricants, cleaners, and other useful supplies and tools. After years of product scrutiny, the list is short of what will be offered. Check back and look for new links on the Home Page.
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Future Projects
Future Projects