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•Mechanical equipment maintenance, diagnostics, rehab, repair & improvement (local only) - 30+ years experience with vehicles; motorcycles; internal combustion engines (gas, diesel, CNG);  electrical systems (AC &DC); motors/ generators; pumps; hydraulics, systems analysis... • Design of specific use machines, component sourcing and fabrication for unique mechanical needs - Problem solving by creating mechanical or electronic devices to automate, simplify or hasten processes with focus on reliability, efficiency, and fail-safe systems - With a strong understanding of the underlying principles of Physics, Chemistry and Science, machinery is optimized for ease of maintenance, use of common parts, and maximum longevity. •Consultation, presentation & public speaking times are available for improving efficiency and extending equipment life while lowering overall long-term costs - For private or corporate equipment, project- based or ongoing. - Custom terms are available for interaction via phone; web; email; video-conference; or in- person presentation/ discussion at your location •Maintenance scheduling: logistics, preparation, planning & coordination for preventative upkeep      - Indexed plain text machine maintenence manuals in paper and digital formats with scheduling based on climate, specific use, parts & supply availability and individual needs... -Fleet or vehicle specific trainings, scheduling, upgrade analysis and longevity improvement. • Energy independence, PV & solar heating systems and thermal storage systems consultation/ design - 16+ years of living off grid, self powered, maximizing efficiency/ minimizing waste   - Strong contacts for sourcing of top-quality components for high efficiency applications
Professional Services
Professional Services
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• Tutoring / custom trainings in science, physics, mechanics and electrical studies - Tutoring of 15 to 24 year old students in all areas of physical science and mechanics. -Trainings in mechanics/ machinery should be local & hands on at your facility. - Custom learning programs available for all levels of knowledge, age, and experience.
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